Myles Garrett becomes first Cleveland Browns player to earn a 99 in Madden

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett has been a force on the field, a problem for whomever he lines up against. He’s a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks — and has enough fun with it to create his own quarterback graveyard on Halloween.

He has become one of the best defensive players in the NFL and now can add another honor to the list: Garrett is the first Browns player ever to be given a 99 rating in Madden in the three decades the game has been a yearly staple of video game and NFL culture.

Browns players have gotten close before — notably left tackle Joe Thomas, who peaked at 98 overall. But never a 99, until today.

The shift happened this week for Garrett, who began this season as a 98 overall — the highest-rated defensive end in the game. Garrett’s ascents in the NFL and in Madden have been similar, with him having begun his career as an 83 overall as a rookie in Madden 18. He moved up to an 88 in Madden 19, a 91 in Madden 20 and was given a 93 rating to start last season’s game. Of course, his play has matched that as he has had double-digit sacks the past four seasons, including a career-high 15 sacks this year in 13 games — with four games to go.

Garrett is just the second defensive lineman, joining Rams (and 99 Club) stalwart Aaron Donald, to rate that high in this year’s game. This also gives Garrett the potential of starting Madden 23 as a member of the 99 Club.

It’s not guaranteed that will happen. However, if Garrett finishes out this season as he’s been playing, there’s a reasonably good shot at it. Then he would be the first defensive end/outside linebacker to begin the season rated 99 since Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack in Madden 20.

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