Thesportwig is a knowledge hub that provides expert analysis and commentary on the latest legal developments in sports. It is a platform that consists of a blend of entertainment and intellectualism. Our publication of peer-reviewed articles is the first in Nigeria by any law firm or team of sports lawyers. Our contributors are drawn from a pool of distinguished sports lawyers in Nigeria and beyond. Thesportwig is an initiative of the Sports and Entertainment Law Group of Perchstone and Graeys LP, Lagos. Our mantra is, ‘blending the knowledge of the law with sports’. Accordingly, our readers are consistently serenaded with a potpourri of articles, podcasts, and snippets providing a deeper insight into the regulatory and legal issues in the world of sports. This platform is created to enable sports stakeholders and athletes to be informed of recent developments in the sports industry and build meaningful relationships and networks including access to legal services.

As an independent, private blog, Thesportwig operates freely from any conflict of interests and is able to respond to the ever-evolving world of sports.

Our impressive repertoire of sports contents cuts across the following:

  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Trainings; and
  • Snippets


In the complex and increasingly global sports industry, getting the right legal expertise at the right time is important. Athletes and their agents negotiating contracts, sports governing bodies facing regulatory and disciplinary challenges, and sports-related businesses competing in an international market all need access to specialist sports law advice.


Perchstone and Graeys LP’s enthusiastic and dynamic team of sports lawyers offers an integrated service across a broad spectrum of issues, advising clients on commercial, sponsorship and intellectual property matters, employment contracts; litigation and dispute resolution; and managing reputation, tax, and private wealth. Widely acknowledged for the depth of their market insight, our sports lawyers and business development consultants provide legal services for governing bodies, clubs and teams, players and agents, and other sports-related commercial ventures. We work across a variety of different sports – from football, basketball, athletics etc. Our lawyers also have significant expertise in supporting clients in the broader sports and entertainment field including venue owners, sponsors, retailers, and broadcasters who engage us on both commercial and private client-related matters.



Our core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • Professionalism; and
  • Character

As an independent, private blog, Thesportwig is committed to intellectual integrity and ensures that incidents of plagiarism and/or intellectual theft are not encouraged on its platform. Contributors are always encouraged to cite sources of their works. Accordingly, footnotes and endnotes are welcome.

As astute professionals, our contents are tailored to provide in-depth knowledge without betraying our beliefs, ideologies, and professional affiliations. Our competence cuts across our legal craft. Our commitment and dedication to duty have been renowned for providing pragmatic solutions to legal problems in the sports industry and related fields like Intellectual Property.


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